Saturday, November 21, 2009

Truthout Asks, Veterans Day or Rulers Day?

In a Truthout op-ed, writer Bob Richards takes a look at the propaganda of Veterans Day. Here, are some highlights:

If you want to thank anyone for your rights and freedoms, thank an activist. No soldier ended segregation in the 1960's. No sailor got women the vote. No National Guardsman got you the 40-hour week or took children off the shop floors or out of the mines. No, they were called out by the states to kill the very people who were fighting for the rights they eventually won for you.

So, here we are at war to get Unocal's dream pipeline route across Afghanistan secured and prop up that ex-Unocal employee's stolen election. Then there's still that war we don't talk about so much anymore. The one that the lie to get us in there changed nearly every day, when the truth may have been as simple as the Decider told us himself, that Saddam tried to kill his daddy, and that he would use that war for his own ends.

I was formerly acquainted with a combat vet who held similar opinions about the celebration of Veterans Day.

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