Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Superman #0

Superman #0
DC Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Art: Kenneth Rocafort

Every End Has a Beginning (Spoilers)
This story goes way before the New 52. Superman is telling the story of his parents before Krypton was destroyed. Jor-El is exploring beneath the planet's surface confirming that Krypton is dying. He also finds something living at the planet's core. He is attacked by slime creatures and has to risk his life to return to the Science Center. He returns home to learn that Lara is pregnant.

At the same time, the research center is destroyed by an explosion. Terrorists capture Lara and threaten to kill her. Surprise, terrorist! Lara is old school – Kung Fu style – I can handle my damn-bad-self. Lara takes down the terrorists in a superb scene of martial violence. We learn that the terrorists are part of a Doomsday Cult that is trying to get Jor-El to join them, but Jor-El sends them to the phantom zone. In the epilogue, we learn that a herald proclaims that Krypton will be given a second chance. The fate of Krypton lies in the hands of Superman.

I don't know how much of this story is of The New 52, but dang, I like it. Superman has a legacy of heroism. He is inspired by two heroes that are his parents. His father is a super-genius scientist. His mother is a physician who'll stab you and miss the vital organs. I wish my mom was a ninja or a Navy SEAL; then, I would have really talked that stuff on the playground. Thanks for those homemade muffins, Mom. That was an unexpected twist. Lara was lovey-dovey-wifey one moment, and in the next, she's a martial artist mama.

Thank you, Mr. Lobdell, for not making this a political melodrama about Jor-El fighting the system to save the planet. I prefer the action-thriller with heroes trying to defeat a doomsday cult. I actually want to keep reading to see how this turns out.

The science fiction feel of the art accents the story. The coloring goes further than this medium requires; a simpler approach to the lighting and shading may be more effective.

I rate Superman #0 Buy Your Own Copy. [Al-O-Meter #2 (of 5) Ranking]

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