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I Reads You Review: SAMURAI JACK #4

IDW PUBLISHING with Cartoon Network – @IDWPublishing and @cartoonnetwork

WRITER: Jim Zub – @jimzub
ARTIST: Andy Suriano – @wolfboy74
COLORS: Josh Burcham
LETTERS: Shawn Lee
COVER: Andy Suriano
28pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (January 2014)

Samurai Jack created by Genndy Tartakovsky

“Samurai Jack and the Threads of Time” Part 4

Samurai Jack, the comic book adaptation of the Emmy-winning animated television series, Samurai Jack (2001-2004), reaches the penultimate issue of “The Threads of Time” storyline.  The Samurai Jack five-issue comic book miniseries is written by Jim Zub and drawn by Andy Suriano.

As you now, Samurai Jack focuses on a samurai known as “Jack,” who is trapped in a dystopian, futuristic Earth.  It is ruled by an old enemy of Jack’s, a tyrannical, shape-shifting, demonic wizard named Aku.  Jack wanders this future, trying to find a method by which he can travel back in time to the era in which he belongs, Feudal Japan.  Then, he can try to keep Aku from creating this troubled future.

Samurai Jack #4 finds Jack continuing to search for the Threads of Time.  With them, he can wind into the Rope of Eons and therefore, rewind himself home.  He already has four strands.

Jack now travels through a remote area beset by a terribly frigid winter.  Jack arrives in a village searching for food and other provisions for his journey.  What he finds instead is a beaten populace that serves the needs of the vain and greedy, immortal Queen Krystle the Ageless.  And even Jack’s martial prowess may be no match for her power and her robotic army.

Once again, I am not surprised that I enjoyed reading Zub and Suriano’s Samurai Jack.  As I review this miniseries, I keep saying that this Samurai Jack comic book is not merely an adaptation of the cartoon; it is the real Jack.  This time, I also have to acknowledge the colors by Josh Burcham.  He brings this story to life as much as Zub and Suriano by creating mood and atmosphere.  Burcham also gives this story’s setting the sense of being a character.

I still hope this Samurai Jack miniseries turns into a Samurai Jack regular series.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux

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