Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: "The Uncanny Inhumans #0" Has Soule Power


WRITER: Charles Soule
PENCILER: Steve McNiven
INKER: Jay Leisten
COLORIST: Justin Ponsor
LETTERER: VC's Clayton Cowles
COVER: Steven McNiven with  Justin Ponsor
VARIANT COVERS: Simone Bianchi; Jim Cheung; Jerome Opena; Siya Oum; Mike Perkins with Christian Ward

“Things to Come” Double-Page Spread by Brandon Peterson

“End Times”

Marvel has been pumping up the Inhumans for a while.  They have been popping up all over the Marvel Universe.  Inhumans and Ms. Marvel have been two good additions to the Marvel line-up of series.  Now, they give us The Uncanny Inhumans.  Everybody is “uncanny” these days.  I can't wait until the Uncanny Power Pack hits the stands.

Back to the reason for this review:  As an appetizer for the main course, The Uncanny Inhumans #0 left my mouth watering.  Charles Soule subtly foreshadows future conflicts that Black Bolt and the Inhumans will be facing.  Just in this issue, we get to see some street level crime, some royal family drama, father-son conflict, and an evil master of time.  Soule piqued my interest with each of these story lines.

With Black Bolt, a writer has to use other characters and events to direct us through the story line.  Even then, we can only assume what Black Bolt's intentions are in relation to the true direction of the story.  Medusa claims that she knows what Black Bolt is thinking, but who really knows.  Black Bolt is the biggest mystery in his own stories.  Soule uses this aspect of the character to build our anticipation of coming events.  Oh, yeah!  Black Bolt is an awesome “insert your own slang.”  Mine included a lot of profanity and bureaucrat was not one.

As a “0” issue, this has been one of the best reads in awhile, and Soule was effective in his use of what is basically a preview of things to come.  Most of the time, “0” issues are epic fails, and I don't like to waste energy on them.

Writer: Ryan Stegman; Artist: Ryan Lee; Colors: James Campbell

Marvel was so kind as to give us a bonus feature in The Uncanny Inhumans #0.  Like we are willing to give $5 for anything they deem worthy.  This was a cool back-up featuring Iso and Flint.  We get good action, and the characters reach turning points in their lives.  This story added a different flavor to the issue.  The issue just keeps drawing you into the Inhuman universe.

This is the book for all comic book art aficionados.  Give all the artists who worked on this issue their credit.  You go through page after page of beautiful Steve McNiven art; then, BAM! you get hit with the Brandon Peterson spread.  This is the kind of art that makes you feel like you owe Marvel some money.  I wonder if Peterson saw McNiven's art before he did his spread and knew he had to turn up.  Wait.  I'm going back and look at this book again.

I rate this issue “Buy Your Own Copy” (#2 on the Al-o-Meter), and the art alone is worth every penny!

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

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