Thursday, March 21, 2013

Albert Avilla Reviews: Young Avengers #1

Young Avengers #1
Marvel Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art: Jamie McKelvie with Mike Norton


The story opens up with Kate Bishop waking up the morning after a hook-up with Noh-Varr. Then, the Skrulls attack. Hulkling is running around New York, posing as Spider-Man to fight crime. Another hook-up, this time it’s Hulking and Wiccan. After a heartfelt conversation about being superheroes, Wiccan does a little magic to help Hulkling.

At the local diner, Loki gets a warning from his food. He tries to stop Wiccan, but is interrupted by Miss America. Loki escapes when Hulkling bursts on to the scene. Miss America exits without as much as a word with Hulkling. Wiccan’s surprise for Hulkling is an alternate reality mother. Just what we need, another Skrull. Didn’t we just rid our planet of those filthy aliens? Hulkling’s mother doesn’t agree with Jeff and Rebecca’s parenting; she thinks that she knows better. She calmly disagrees with them, and then, she liquefies their bodies.

This comic book definitely has style, not so much substance. For a first issue, it didn’t get me interested in finding out how the story was going to end. Is this the first time that a member of a superhero team becomes a member through a one-night stand? There are a lot of things going on. Gillen throws us right into the thick of things. I enjoyed the frenetic pace of the action scenes.

Noh-Varr is an interesting character. Hawkeye apparently is a swashbuckler. Let’s hope that there is some semblance of responsibility in her approach to life. We know what we get with Hulkling and Wiccan. Why is Loki on an Avengers team? He is the evil that the original Avengers banded together to defeat. Miss America is the mystery character. Is she just a powerhouse? Does she have a connection with the original Miss America? Why boots with shorts and a jacket? Does she have a connection to the original Miss America?

The art is good comic book art, nothing to complain about, nothing to go on about. I did like how the artists handled the action scenes.

I rated Young Avengers #1 “Read a Friend’s Copy.” #3 (of 5) on the Al-O-Meter

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