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STORY: Claire Gibson and Marian Churchland
SCRIPT: Claire Gibson
ART/COLORS: Sloane Leong
MISC. ART: Brandom Graham (pp. 22-23)
COVER: Marian Churchland
28pp, Color, $2.99 U.S. (October 2015)

Rated M / Mature

From Under Mountains is a new comic book series published by Image Comics.  It is produced by the creative team of Claire Gibson (story and script), Sloane Leong (art and colors), and Marian Churchland (story and cover art).  From Under Mountains is set in the world of Akhar and will focus on the partnership of a lord's daughter, a disgraced knight, and a runaway thief – a union that will change the course of a world in turmoil.

From Under Mountains #2 opens with the funeral of Marcellus, son of Lord Crowe, who is the Lord of Karsgate (a northern land in Akhar).  Meanwhile, Tova, the young thief who witnessed Marcellus' death, is on the run, terrified and hunted... and haunted.

I have lost track of all the great first issues I have read that actually did not result in great comic book series.  Thus, I had reason to be suspicious of From Under Mountains, which had a super-freaking good first issue.  Now, my innate pessimism has to deal with this fact:  the second issue is superb.  So, how many times has a great first and second issue resulted in a not-so-great comic book series...

Seriously, I'm ready for issue three of this evocative and mysterious new comic book series.  Reading it is like experiencing something secret and magical that will give up its secrets and magic, but only in small powerful doses.  And yes, you will want the secrets, and you will drink in the magic.

I think From Under Mountains will be an excellent read in trade paperback form.  I found myself going back more than a few times to the first issue while I read issue #2.  I'm being truthful with you; you will go back and discover something you missed.  That in itself is a kind of magic.  There has not been as many great epic fantasy comic books as we would like to think, so From Under Mountains has the potential to be a fantasy comic holy mountain.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux

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