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STORY: Jason Aaron
ART: r.m. Guéra
COLORS: Giulia Brusco
COVER: r.m. Guéra
36pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (November 2015)

Rated M / Mature

Before the Flood: Part One “The Mark of Cain”

The Goddamned is a new comic book series from writer Jason Aaron and artist r.m. Guéra.  It is set 1600 years after God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

The Goddamned #1 (Before the Flood: Part One “The Mark of Cain”) opens somewhere on the edge of an unnamed desert.  A man who is supposed to be dead awakens in pond in which excrement, urine, and dead animals have replaced water.  Naked and driven by vengeance, the man intends on paying a visit to the “Bone Boys,” the men that cut his throat and took his belongs.  The Bones Boys are about to discover that this mystery man cannot be killed.

Jason Aaron and r.m. Guéra were the creative team behind the critically-acclaimed, crime and Western comic book series, Scalped (published by DC Comics/Vertigo), which I have never read.  After reading this first issue of The Goddamned, I'd like to give Scalped a try.

Honestly, I am not sure where this comic book, The Goddamned, is going.  With many comic books, I have a pretty good idea about the direction of the series, in terms of tone, if not also in terms of the narrative.  Since I am curious (for the time being), I will seek out at least the next two issues (if they don't sell out) of The Goddamned, although it mystifies me.

Now, although I am clueless (for the most part), I will still recommend that readers try The Goddamned, especially if they have read other work by Jason Aaron.  This is such a unique reading experience, with a bold and brazen interpretation of pre-Flood, Biblical times, that it is hard to look away from it.  I actually reread portions a few time after my first read.

Another reason to try this comic books is r.m. Guéra because he does some interesting things, illustratively and graphically, that make this comic book worth examining.  So god-damn-it, someone better save me a copy of issue #2

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux

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