Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Batman and Robin #0

Batman and Robin #0
Marvel Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Script: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Patrick Gleason
Inks: Mick Gray
Colors: John Kalisz
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

I like my origin stories to give me insight into a character. The insight that I got from this story is that Damian is a bad little mother-shut-my-mouth. His being scientifically engineered explains why a toddler can kill tigers and great white sharks and why Batman takes him on missions to subdue lunatic villains. Most kids his age can't wipe their butts effectively. What a nurturing mother… Happy birthday, Damian… let’s have a battle to the death. I can understand why the kid is rebellious.

The story takes place during the birthday battle in which Damian earns the right to know who his father is, with flashbacks to other moments that impacted Damian's character. The action is fast moving with gratuitous violence to keep any fanboy satisfied. That little mother-shut-my-mouth is taking out ninjas and Man-Bats from beginning to end. Mama al Ghul even gets to feel the bottom of Damian's size – I don't know 3 or 2? What size does a little bastard wear?

This Robin shatters the mold of what past Robins were. Years from now, when other creators are trying their hand at the Damian character and changing certain aspects of Damian, we'll think back to what Tomasi (@PeterJTomasi) has done and say "they are f’ing up a good character." Tomasi has left his imprint on this character for ages to come. Thank you, Mr. Tomasi, for giving us this little hyperactive, death-dealing monster of a Robin. I'm looking forward to what a Junior Justice League led by this Robin is going to be like. In this age of the multi-issue story arc, it's good to read a good one issue story.

The art helps tell the story. A good comic book story doesn't just come from what text there is. The action scenes are impressive. The art team does a good job of making the little tike look murderous without making it comedic. Talia has just enough of that psychotic gleam in her eyes to make you cover up the old family jewels.

I rate Batman and Robin #0 Recommend It to a Friend.

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