Saturday, September 1, 2012

Introducing PeoplePerHour

Written by Rodrigo Martucci

PeoplePerHour, the largest online community for freelancers in Europe, has just launched a brand new product that's changing the way the freelancing industry works. I thought it would be great to share with you guys, so here it is:

Hourlies are online listings that allow anyone to easily sell their services or skills on a small project basis, starting with as little as one hour. They take just minutes to create and the idea is that people with something great to sell can connect with buyers all over the world, fast! The concept is taking freelancing mainstream and they're seeing some pretty amazing Hourlies posted like Lydia's, who can create an illustrated version of you doing anything, in 8 hours. There’s also James, who can produce an interactive 3D model of a house in 5 hours. Or there’s Siobhian’s, where she can restore old damaged photos in 2 hours. For the complete list of Hourlies, go to

It’s pretty cool stuff and it’s super easy to use. Graphic designers and illustrators in particular have already been using PeoplePerHour and achieved some great things! Marcus was able to find his true calling with PeoplePerHour’s help; Liz is able to earn while taking care of her family and Lauren is a successful full-time artist who dazzles clients from all over the world. Check out all of the success stories here:
The next step is for you to try it out by going to and signing up!

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