Friday, September 28, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: World’s Finest # 0

World’s Finest # 0
DC Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artists: Kevin Maguire, Wes Craig
Cover: Kevin Maguire and Rosemary Cheetham

I feel that an opportunity was lost. There is a good story somewhere in here. This falls short of what I expect out of my Bat-stories. Batman against putting someone in the line of fire… really? Really? I was expecting more of the dark side in this story or should I say the Cat side? Batman should have had this girl ready for action in every way possible; we are talking about Mr. Be-Prepared-for-anything. Huntress gets introduced to crime fighting by beating up two common street thugs. Crank up the danger, a band of ninjas or meta-powered foe; make us think the girl was risking her life. This Huntress didn’t have that gangsta about her that I’m used to seeing. No mean streak. She has a computer in her wrist band, but she's not equipped with a gas mask. I thought that was standard equipment in the utility belt.

I'm all about the old school Power Girl: so let's not even go there. She will be missed, men. This was the biggest wuss of a Batman to ever be printed. His wife is murdered and his daughter is rushing into danger, and he calls Superman for help. The Batman that I know would have dragged his broken body into the facility and did his own ass-kicking. I’m starting to nit pick now.

Two other things I did not like for aesthetic reasons only are Huntress’s ponytail and that ghastly Bat suit. Bruce should ask for his money back. Huntress’ costume had zero sex appeal. Now that I think about it, Dick Grayson's Robin costume was sexier than this most major fail in character design since the New Mutants’ Cannonball with the goggles.

The story ended with "looks like you had an awful day" and "We're going to be friends forever." Come on. Not “‘expletive’ they killed your Mom.” “I got your back. Let’s hunt these ‘expletives’ down.” Even more words that would make a rapper blush, and “let’s waste these ‘even more filthy words’.” I’m just saying end the story with some fire; not with two kick-ass heroines looking like my six-year-old daughter after her puppy died from a hit run by the cops. I read this story in about ten minutes with it leaving no lasting impression on me. Thanks for small favors.

The art was adequate, but no amount of artistic ability could have saved this book. The Superman scenes were great, but the orange hue of the rest of the pages turned me off.

I rate World's Finest #0 – Don't Waste Your Time and Cash.

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