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Review: The Adventures of NIKKI HARRIS the Cybermation Witch #11

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CARTOONIST: Carter Allen – @attila71
28pp, Color, $3.00 U.S. (2017)

The Fall of Nikki Harris, Part 2: “In the Grip of Evil”

The long-running independent sci-fi/space fantasy/adventure/humor comic book, The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch, is racing towards a conclusion.  When last we saw her, Nikki Harris (cybermation witch and sci-fi heroine) she had to play it like former President... I mean... former Vice-President Dick Cheney and take it to the dark side.  The result was the corruption and transformation our beloved space super woman.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch #11 (“In the Grip of Evil”) opens on Earth.  Nikki is no more; she is now Siste Søster, and she is doing the damn evil thing.  The battle with Green Stygma forced Nikki to turn all bad guy, and Stygma's now her pal and partner.  But can Siste Søster prove to the evil cybermation witches that this ain't no sister act and that she is no longer Nikki Harris?  A sacrifice is needed, while in orbit above Earth, the real power plots.

I can say this every time:  The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch is always entertaining.  I can say this every time:  it not only gets better with each issue, but it also offers some new, novel treat with each installment.  I can also say this every time:  creator Carter Allen embraces the inherent weirdness of comic books and presents his readers with inventive characters.

The shame of it all is that Nikki Harris #11 is apparently the penultimate issue of the series.  Nikki Harris is ending it all just when she is hitting her stride.  She glows all alabaster in Carter Allen's art, which recalls the late Patrick Nagel in terms of style, if not in execution and rendering.

One good thing about the race towards the end is that the Lovecraftian touches in this series become as obvious as the pop culture references (such as a nod to Mr. Spock).  I can say this every time: it is not too late to enjoy Nikki Harris (the love child of Space Ghost and Demi Moore); back issues and a trade paperback are available.


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