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Review: THE LOST BOYS #1

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WRITER: Tim Seeley
ART: Scott Godlewski
COLORS: Trish Mulvihill
LETTERS: Clem Robins
COVER: Tony Harris
VARIANT COVER: Joelle Jones with Trish Mulvihill
32pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (December 2016)

Suggested for mature readers

“The Lost Girl” Part 1 of 6

Many of your favorite characters from the 1987 vampire horror-comedy film, The Lost Boys, are back in DC Comics' new comic book sequel to the film.  Entitled (what else) The Lost Boys, this six-issue comic book is written by Tim Seeley; drawn by Scott Godlewski, colored by Trish Mulvihill, and lettered by Clem Robins.

The Lost Boys #1 (“The Lost Girl” Part 1) opens with Sam Emerson telling the story of how he and his older brother, Michael, and his mother, Lucy Emerson, moved to Santa Clara, CA to live with his Grandpa.  Michael fell in love with Star, a beautiful and mysterious young woman, who happened to be a vampire.  The Emerson boys joined the Frog Brothers, Edgar and Alan, fearless young vampire hunters, to clean out the nest of head vampire, Maxwell “Max” Hooker.  That nest included the beautiful, bad boy vampire, David, who was Star's boyfriend (more or less)

Sam is telling his story to another mysterious young woman who has stopped by his place of employment, “Fantasy World Comics.”  Like his brother and friends, Sam is in a bit of a post-vampire-slaying funk.  What to do next?  Well, there is one thing about Santa Clara that never changes; there is always more darkness.

I did not see The Lost Boys when it was first released to movie theaters.  I saw it on cable – probably on HBO.  I couldn't' believe how good it was – at least to me.  Afterwards, I watched it every chance I got, and I eventually bought the film on DVD.

The film's titular vampires, “The Lost Boys,” never grew old and never died, and the film certainly has grown old, but it has a timeless quality.  It never looks old, and because of that, The Lost Boys has always begged for sequels.

This new comic book is a sequel, one that is set shortly after the events of the original film.  I have read a few comic books written by Tim Seeley, and I have enjoyed them to one extent or another.  The Lost Boys is my favorite Tim Seeley comic book, so far.  The dialogue snaps and crackles; to me, this comic book reads as if the writer is having a blast writing it.

Artist Scott Godlewski captures the visual sensibilities of the first film and draws the characters in a way that resembles the live-action actors of the original film just enough to remind the readers where they are.  Godlewski is respectful, however, considering that not all the actors of the original film are still living.

I liked this comic book and could not stop reading it.  I even went back and reread sections of it while reading it the first time.  I feel comfortable recommending it to fans of The Lost Boys film, as well as to fans of vampire comic books and films.  I can tell after The Lost Boys #1 that this comic book series is going to be a blast to read.  Please, don't disappoint me, guys.


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