Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mike Gagnon's Dream Comes True with Marvel Comics

Small Press Creator Makes Mark with Marvel Comics

Writer and comic fan Mike Gagnon has achieved a lifelong goal, having his work published by entertainment giant Marvel Comics.

Gagnon is a professional writer who has also worked as a publisher, editor and graphic designer for various publishers in his decade long career. Gagnon has produced several small press graphic novels, including the all ages humor comic titled Monkeys and Midgets, but his work with Marvel is his debut credit with a major comic publisher.

Gagnon recently achieved his goal of writing for the worlds largest comic book publisher when he joined the team of writers for Marvel’s series of character handbooks, with his work appearing in “The official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Updates A-Z” and “Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul” and will soon appear in “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Premiere Hardcover Vol. 14”.

“It was a great experience, I can’t thank editors Jeff Christiansen and Jeff Youngquist enough for giving me the chance to contribute to the Marvel Universe in my own small way.” said Gagnon.

It was his lifelong love of comics that led him to choose a career in writing, and his work can now be found in some of the titles he enjoyed reading as a kid.

“I always enjoyed reading and collecting Marvel comics including the series of handbooks as a kid, and Deadpool has been a long time favorite character of mine, so getting to contribute to a book devoted to the character is very rewarding” Gagnon added.

Over the years Gagnon has written for a number of pop culture and art themed magazines, such as Back Issue, published by TwoMorrows publishing. More details on his work can be found at

The new edition of the Marvel Universe Handbook featuring Gagnon’s writing was released in February. The Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul one-shot was released in May and can still be found on comic racks and in specialty stores, although many retailers report the title selling out quickly thanks to the popularity of the feature character. Check with your local comic shop for availability and shipping dates for the Premiere Hardcover edition.

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