Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Reads You Presents "I Reads You Juniors" - Update #5

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From Newsarama:  There will be some shipping delays for the Batman/Flash crossover event, "The Button."

From BleedingCool:  Comic book legend, George Perez, doing better after recent health scare.

From io9:  There is a documentary about Batman's co-creator, Bill Finger, on Hulu.

From CBR:  Stan Lee has a cameo in the new FOX X-Men TV series, which may be called "Gifted," and has apparently started shooting.

From CBR:  Kevin Melrose talks about the Chris Claremont-inspiration of the new X-Men comic book series, "X-Men: Gold."

BLURB REVIEWTHE WILD STORM #3 (DC Comics – June 2017) by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt with Steve Buccellato

Well, it's the return of an “unaffiliated covert action team,” a “wild CAT.”  Get it?  The Wild Storm continues to pay off on the promise of its first issue, and it may end up being one of DC Comics' best series – if not the very best.  There is a slight problem, if I may.  Even at 22 pages in length, The Wild Storm #3 seems like a sip of water of a longer story, not enough to quench the reader's thirst.  That is the problem with modern comic book serials.  Each chapter of a story is a single issue of a comic book, and often, that single issue is either redundant story padding or is like an abbreviated chapter cut-off in the middle of an important sequence.  I guess that is why many readers simply “wait for the trade.”

Kickin' it adverbial, this comic book is an example of Warren-Ellis-when-he-is-really-good, so I highly recommend The Wild Storm.


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