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I Reads You Juniors February 2018 - Update #65

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From ComicBookBin:  New Johnny Bullet webcomic episode #154 in English.
From ComicBookBin:  New Johnny Bullet webcomic esisode #154 in French.

From BleedingCool:  Wendy and Richard Pini talk about the final quest of "Elfquest."

From StarWars: interviews writer Tom Veitch and cover artist Dave Dorman about the landmark Star Wars comic book miniseries, "Dark Empire" (Dark Horse Comics).

BLACK PANTHER - From CommercialAppeal:  Weathersbee: Memphis kids love the 'Black Panther' movie. Will they love the comic, too?

From CBR:  A trailer has debuted for the live-action film based on Tite Kubo's manga, "Bleach."

From SFGate:  The manga of Naoki Urasawa ("20th Century Boys," "Master Keaton") are on exhibit in Paris

From EWBlog:  Marvel's latest relaunch initiative/scam will send Black Panther into space.

From BleedingCool:  Writer David F. Walker and artist Chris Samnee are leaving Marvel Comics.

From BleedingCool:  DC Comics is leaving the Diamond Previews Catalog and getting their own separate "DC Previews," which is similar to Marvel Comics' separate "Marvel Previews."

From BleedingCool:  Release dates for DCInk and DCZoom titles have been locked down, beginning with the October 2018 release of a new "DC Super Hero Girls" graphic novel.

From TheGuardian:  "Marvel comics' Fresh Start looks like a return to old cliches" by David Barnett

From SupermanHomepage:  DC Comics may be cancelling the titles, "Supergirl" and "Super Sons"

From CBR:  Marvel Comics Solicitations for May 2018

From BleedingCool:  Marvel offers "A Fresh Start."

From BleedingCool:  There are more DC Comics/Hanna-Barbera crossovers on the way, including one featuring Dynomutt and the Super-Sons.

From BleedingCool:  Dan DiDio confirms that venerable MAD Magazine will re-launch with a new #1 issue.

From BleedingCool:  [The great] Carlos Pacheco may draw an "Avengers" comic book that features Avengers from the 1970s.

From BleedingCool:  May 2018 solicitation for Devil's Due/1st Comics

From ComicBookBin:  New Johnny Bullet episode #154 in English.
From ComicBookBin:  New Johnny Bullet episode #154 in French.

From JapanToday:  Manga creators association says pirate sites could bring about collapse of Japanese culture

From BleedingCool:  Writer Rodney Barnes will unite with a still unknown superstar artist to produce a Lando Calrissian miniseries that ties into the film, "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

From CNN:  Keita Sagaki reproduces classic paintings using hundreds of tiny manga characters.

From ComicBook:  Dan Jurgens and the team of Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason say good-bye to their respective runs on Superman in one-shots that will be published this coming May.

From BleedingCool:  Chris Claremont will write a story for "X-Men: Wedding Special #1."

From BleedingCool:  AfterShock Comics to publish a new work from writer Garth Ennis and artist Goran Sudzuka, "A Walk Through Hell."

From ComicsReporter:  Talent Relations Department At DC Sends Out Social Media Guidelines - the text as sent to TCR.

From BleedingCool:  DC Comics issues social media and press guidelines to comics creators.
From BleedingCool:  In the wake of DC's new social media and press guidelines to its comics creators, a reaction from some of the creators.

From BleedingCool:  DC Comics Sending “Brian Michael Bendis is Coming” Promo Posters to Comic Stores

From BleedingCool:  Black Geeks and Black Girl Nerds Combine for Universal FanCon in Baltimore in April.

BLACK PANTHER - From BleedingCool:   Black Panther is topping Amazon's comics sales.

From PublishersWeekly:  Comics retailers hope to rebound in 2018.

From Complex:  DC Comics' "New Super-Man" becomes "New Super-Man and The JLC" (Justice League of China) with issue #20.

From TheAVClub:  A preview of "New Super-Man and The JLC #1"

From BleedingCool:  The Top 100 Most-Ordered Comics and Graphic Novels by Comic Stores in January 2018.

BLACK PANTHER - From Philly:  The African American Museum in Philadelphia has "Black Pulp," an exhibit of comic book art that shatters stereotypes about Black people, including some art from "Black Panther" comics.

From CBLDF:  There will be an exhibit of the original art that Nate Powell produced from the graphic novel trilogy, March (Top Shelf), which chronicles the life of Civil Rights legend, Congressman John Lewis.  Entitled "The Art of MARCH: A Civil Rights Masterpiece" will exhibit at the Museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators (New York City), February 28 – June 30, 2018.

From TheStage:  Naoko Urasawa has brought to stage in London his manga, Pluto.  Here is a review of it.

From BleedingCool:  450 people sign a letter asking for the New York Times Graphic Novel Bestseller List Back.

From TheVerge:  Joss Whedon's beloved sci-fi TV series, "Firefly," is coming back in a series of novels.

From NextShark:  Chinese pirates reportedly cost Japan billions of dollars per year in illegally translating manga.

From ComicBook:  One Punch manga artist, Yusuke Murata, is working on a manga based on the beloved film franchise, "Back to the Future."  He offers a preview illustrations from the manga.

From BleedingCool:  Marvel will bring Darkhawk back in a new miniseries related to "Infinity Countdown."

From THR:  Venerable British comics magazines, "2000 AD," announces an all-female creators issue for the summer, "2000 AD Sci-Fi Special."

From Quartz:  Japan is hunting illegal video game and manga translators.

From Forbes:  This is the feature article which announced Brian Michael Bendis' Superman plans, beginning with a six-issue miniseries and then Bendis' takeover of "Superman" and "Action Comics."

From Geek:  A look at the history of computer art in comics, starting with First Comics' "Shatter" by artist Mike Saenz and writer Peter B. Gillis.

From Newsarama:  Bill Sienkiewicz will be the variant cover artist on "The Walking Dead," apparently for 2018.

From PasteMagazine:  "Long Before He Reached the Big Screen, the Black Panther Ruled" by Michael Burgin.

From HypeBeast:  Yusuke Murata, the illustrator of the "One-Punch Man" manga will produce a "Back to the Future" manga.

From Heavy:  Did you know that there was a monthly online manga based on the movie "Cloverfield."

From GoFundMe:  Charlton Neo Comics needs help.

From CreatorsforCreators:  The 2018 submissions for a $30,000 grant are open.

From BleedingCool:  Artist Lee Weeks will join Tom King on the ongoing Batman comic book sometime after issue #45.

From NYTimes:  DC Comics joins forces with Young Adult authors.

From BleedingCool:  DC Comics unveils details about its new young reader imprints, DC Zoom and DC Ink.

From ComicBookBin:  New Johnny Bullet episode #153 in English.
From ComicBookBin:  New Johnny Bullet episode #153 in French.

From PreviewsWorld:  BOOM! Studios has announced "Planet of the Apes: Visionaries."  This new original graphic novel that will adapt the first screenplay for the original "Planet of the Apes" film into comics.  Rod Serling, the creator of "The Twilight Zone," wrote the first draft of the "Planet of the Apes" screenplay, but his first draft was drastically altered by the time of filming.

From BleedingCool:  See the Black Panther and Wonder Woman parody T-shirts.

From ICv2:  Marvel Co comics will publish a six-issue comic book adaptation of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," with issue #1 debuting May 2nd, 2018.

From Kotaku:  See the warehouse where unwanted manga is turned into toilet paper.

From BleedingCool:  Brian Michael Bendis is apparently taking over as writer of DC Comics titles, "Superman" and "Action Comics."

From BleedingCool:  Just draw, Ethan Van Sciver.

From BleedingCool:  Brian Michael Bendis' "Jinxworld" library of graphic novels and trade paperbacks is moving to Bendis' new home, DC Comics.

From NPR:  Four years ago, NPR had some of its favorite comics artists illustrate some of the poems of revered African-American poet, Langston Hughes.  Today, we look back at Afua Richardson's take on Hughes' poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers."

From JapanToday:  As many as 4,000 homeless people may be finding shelter at 24-hour internet and manga cafes in Tokyo on any given weekday, according to the first survey on the issued by the Tokyo metropolitan government.

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