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Review: The Adventures of NIKKI HARRIS the Cybermation Witch #9

CANDLE LIGHT PRESS/Warning Comics – @candlelightpres

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CARTOONIST: Carter Allen – @attila71
32pp, Color, $3.00 U.S. (2016 – 2nd)


When we last saw her, Nikki Harris (cybermation witch and sci-fi heroine) found herself targeted by the pesky and determined assassin, Farrah Heit.  She cooled off that hot-ho and saved the galaxy by keeping an important peace summit on the planet, Infantino (props to one of the three greatest Batman artists of all time), on track.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch #9 (“Ice”) takes us to the edge of our solar system to the planet (planetoid), Pluto.  The people of Pluto are up in arms against the government, and the frustration is boiling over, enough to scare the administration in Pluto City, the capitol of the planet.  Now, Governor Plequeq calls Nikki Harris for help, but the threat is bigger and older than our crazy-sexy-cool heroine realizes.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch comic book never fails to entertain, and it gets better with each issue.  There is more to Nikki, and her universe seems solid, but still able to be fresh.

Nikki Harris #9 offers some of creator Carter Allen's best exposition, as he deftly sets up the scenario for this story.  I like how Allen begins to drop hints and teases about the history of the world of Nikki Harris.  I like that, and I think there is so much more to reveal.  However, Nikki Harris is on her farewell tour, as the comic book will be ending in the near future.  #CybermationLivesMatter


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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