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The Adventures of NIKKI HARRIS the Cybermation Witch #10

CANDLE LIGHT PRESS/Warning Comics – @candlelightpres @attila71

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CARTOONIST: Carter Allen – @attila71
32pp, Color, $3.00 U.S. (2016 – 3rd)

The Fall of Nikki Harris, Part1: “Save the Day”

When last we saw her, Nikki Harris (cybermation witch and sci-fi heroine) played the role of god-killer as she stopped “Planet Gods” from freezing the people of the planet Pluto in their icy grip.  However, Nikki finds herself not being received as a conquering hero should.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch #10 (“Save the Day”) opens on Dogura Prime, where Nikki Harris makes time to stop a bank robbery.  Hold up!  There is a new superhero team in town, “Justice C,” and its members think Nikki is more trouble than she is worth.  Captain Cyclops, Arma Oculta, Crimson Cload, Lectronik, Burbuja, and Tiger Titan believe they have everything in hand, and that Nikki should learn to play better with others.  The Green Stygma thinks they all suck.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch is always entertaining.  It not only gets better with each issue, but it also offers some new, novel treat with each installment.  Creator Carter Allen embraces the inherent weirdness of comic books and presents his readers with inventive characters.

Nikki Harris #10 continues to head towards the end of the series as if no such thing were going to happen.  This issue is as fresh as the early issues.  How could Nikki Harris end when her comic book is still showing us a new side to this world and also new characters, all of which make the colorful sci-fi comedy even more colorful.  It is not too late to enjoy Nikki Harris (the daughter of Princess Leia and Wedge Antilles); back issues and a trade paperback are available.


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