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#IReadsYou Review: The Adventures of NIKKI HARRIS the Cybermation Witch: Omnibus Vol. 2

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CARTOONIST: Carter Allen
ISBN:  978-0-9895371-2-4; paperback (May 13, 2019)
24pp, Color, $19.95 U.S.

Carter Allen:  prolific cartoonist, comic book artist, and graphic novelist, presents the second of two trade collections of his comic book series, The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch.  Nikki Harris is a science fiction comic book character who made annual appearances in her own comic book series for a little over a decade.

The latest (but hopefully not last) Nikki Harris publication is The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch Omnibus Vol. 2.  This full color paperback book reprints The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch issues #6-12.  This includes seven stories, several pages of pin-up art, and a character profile.

These seven issues of The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch find Nikki Harris facing a science fiction rogue’s gallery of diabolical adversaries:

Issue #6 (“Attack of the Hunter”) – Nikki returns to Earth, having just stopped Nautilie's machinations on the planet, Qua (Issue #5).  Now, a mysterious nemesis has sought the services of an assassin to kill Nikki.  Our heroine could use a break and a pick-me-up, but Tile the Hunter strikes hard at Nikki.  And for the first time, Nikki looks like she may not come out on top.

Issue #7 (“Nikki Harris and the Kaninium Mines of Util”) – The Broomstick, a slick space craft, soars into the depths of space.  Aboard this fast and nimble ship is Nikki, called to the mining planet of Util to solve a mystery.  The planet is the only source of the miracle mineral, Kaninium.

Issue #8 (“Fire”) – On the planet Infantino, Nikki awaits the arrival of Ambassador Royks to whom she will act as a bodyguard.  He is attending an important peace summit, and if the summit fails there will be war between many star systems.  The fate of the galaxy seems to be in Nikki's hands, and she must also deal with the pesky, Farrah Heit.

Issue #9 (“Ice”) – On the edge of our solar system is the planet (planetoid), Pluto.  The people of Pluto are up in arms against the government, and the frustration is boiling over, enough to scare the administration in Pluto City, the capitol of the planet.  Now, Governor Plequeq calls Nikki Harris for help, but the threat is bigger and older than our crazy-sexy-cool heroine realizes.

Issue #10 (“Save the Day”) – On Dogura Prime, Nikki Harris makes time to stop a bank robbery.  There is a new superhero team in town, “Justice C,” and its members think Nikki is more trouble than she is worth.  Captain Cyclops, Arma Oculta, Crimson Cload, Lectronik, Burbuja, and Tiger Titan believe they have everything in hand, and that Nikki should learn to play better with others.  The Green Stygma thinks they all suck.

Issue #11 (“In the Grip of Evil”) – Now, on Earth, Nikki is no more; she is now Siste Søster, and she is doing the damn evil thing.  The battle with Green Stygma forced Nikki to turn all bad girl, and Stygma's now her pal and partner.  But can Siste Søster prove to the evil cybermation witches that this ain't no sister act and that she is no longer Nikki Harris?  A sacrifice is needed, while in orbit above Earth, the real power plots.

Issue #12 (“Take the Long Way Home”) – Nikki learns that flying into the maw of the alien deity, Gar-Lahk, does not have the effect she desired.  Nikki, however, is nothing if not resourceful, but her new plan may mean the end of her.  Can Nikki's colleague, Berzing, convince Nikki not risk time and space in order to destroy Gar-Lahk?

I am happy about the recent publication of The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch Omnibus Vol. 2.  The first reason is because I am a fan of Nikki Harris, and the second reason is that a trade collection, such as an omnibus, is a good way for you to become a Nikki Harris fan, dear readers.  Seriously, this is the best way to read the series, especially since many of the last issues are connected as an overall final story arc.  Besides in this one handy edition, this omnibus captures the graphical, visual, and storytelling elements that make Nikki Harris’ adventures a unique comic book reading experience.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch Omnibus Volume 2 also contains the stories that really defined Nikki has a top sci-fi heroine for me.  From “Dale Arden” to “Princess Leia Organa,” Nikki Harris is in the tradition of the female heroes that have appeared in science fiction serials, film, and TV.  However, Nikki is also a modern superhero.  I find her to be like the rebooted Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, but with a bit more of a sparkling sense of humor and wit.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch Omnibus Vol. 2 also gives readers a chance to enjoy Carter Allen's sparkling sense of humor and wit.  His imaginative stories always seem fresh; too bad Nikki is over (or seems to be).  Allen's candy-colored art with its radiant colors are eye candy even when reading the graphical storytelling.  This second Nikki Harris omnibus can join the first so that readers can enjoy the evolution of new superhero and sci-fi heroine.

9.5 out of 10

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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