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#IReadsYou Review: CHAOS CAMPUS: Extra Credit #9


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STORY: B. Alex Thompson – @ApproBAT
ART: Ricardo Mendez
COLORS: Alivon Ortiz
EDITOR: B. Alex Thompson
COVER: Ricardo Mendez
BACK COVER: Ricardo Mendez
24pp, Color, $4.99 U.S./$1.99 digital-comic (2018; digital release date – October 24, 2018)

Rated: Teen 13+ / 15+ Only – comiXology rating

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies created by B. Alex Thompson

“Connective Tissue”

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies is a zombie apocalypse comic book series that mixes in elements of comedy, horror, and adventure.  Chaos Chaos is set during a zombie invasion and follows the adventures of three members of the sorority, Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon (EAZY):  ass-kickin’ Jamie Lynn Schaeffer, brainy and magic-wielding Paige Helena Patton, and sexy Brittany Ann Miller.

Chaos Campus: Extra Credit is a “side series” to the main series.  It offers readers something “extra,” and is also set in the continuity to the main series.  Both series are the creation of B. Alex Thompson and are published by Thompson's company, Approbation Comics.  Chaos Campus: Extra Credit is written by Thompson; drawn by Ricardo Mendez; colored by Alivon Oritz; and lettered by Krugos.

Chaos Campus: Extra Credit #9 finds the girls back on campus thanks to an inter-dimensional portal.  Paige is using her considerable supernatural power in an attempt to bring zombies back to life.  The girls are caught up in a bid to help a doctor, Ian, and his sister, Linz, rid themselves of an infection that has transformed them into something similar to vampires.  The laboratory of Linz and Ian's father could hold help for them, but it is having some nuclear meltdown issues...

Chaos Campus: Extra Credit #9 is not one of B. Alex Thompson's better efforts, but it is still enjoyable.  Why?  As I have written before, Thompson has refined his sexy Chaos Campus trio into the kind of comic book characters that can attract a following.  The story does not always have to be the best, because they are the best.  Obviously, they have caught my interest.

I find myself becoming more attracted to the art by Ricardo Mendez the more I see it.  His graphical storytelling is good, if not stylish, and I like his take on the Chaos Campus girls.  Mendez's art benefits from the strong coloring by Alivon Ortiz.  The colors are pretty and the effects and separations are spectacular; the reds really convey the sense of an impending nuclear disaster.  Letterer Krugo, as usual, gets the most out of his sound effects when they convey the sounds of zombies, gunfire, and action-violence.

So, for those who can't get enough zombie-action from the main series, try Chaos Campus: Extra Credit #9.  You, dear reader, can even get this “Extra Credit” from comiXology.

7 out of 10

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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