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BETTY & VERONICA Jumbo Comics Double Digest #299


STORY: Bill Golliher with Craig Boldman; Frank Doyle; George Gladir; Al Hartley; Sid Jacobson; Dick Malmgren; Mike Pellowski; Hal Smith; Dexter Taylor; Kathleen Webb
PENCILS: Bill Golliher with Dan DeCarlo; Holly G!; Al Hartley; Pat Kennedy; Dan Parent; Jeff Shultz; Dexter Taylor
INKS: Jim Amash with John Costanza; Jon D'Agostino; Jimmy DeCarlo; Hy Eisman; Mike Esposito; Alison Flood; Rick Koslowski; Rudy Lapick; Al Milgrom; Henry Scarpelli; Dexter Taylor
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore with Barry Grossman
LETTERS: Jack Morelli with Vince DeCarlo; Dexter Taylor; Bill Yoshida
COVER: Jeff Shultz with Rosario “Tito” Peña
192pp, Color, $7.99 U.S. (February 2022)

Rating: All-Ages

“Holiday Lights!”

Betty & Veronica (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest is part of “The Archie Digest Library” series.  Debuting in the spring of 1987, Betty & Veronica Double Digest is a mini-trade paperback-like series that features stories reprinted from across the publishing history of Archie Comics.  Sometimes, however, these digests open with an original story.

Betty & Veronica (Jumbo Comics) Double Digest #299 opens with the original story, “Holiday Lights!”  It is written by Bill Golliher; drawn by Golliher (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks); colored by Glenn Whitmore; and lettered by Jack Morelli.

As “Holiday Lights!” opens, Betty and Veronica are planning their big Christmas party, which will take place at Veronica's family home, the Lodge estate.  Veronica has planned for a “killer light display” across the entire estate, and she wants it to be the biggest light display in Riverdale.  The party guests begin to arrive:  Moose & Midge, Toni & Kevin, Jughead, Dilton, Archie, and more.  Can the guests, however, discover the true spirit of Christmas beyond the light display?

THE LOWDOWN:  “Holiday Lights” is only five pages long, but it is a delightful tale.  It's easy to digest moral is a perfect fit for Christmas and for the end of the year holidays.

Like the concurrently released, World of Archie Double Digest #115, Betty & Veronica Double Digest #299 offers other Christmas-themed and holiday-themed stories.  There is also a two-part, movie studio-set mystery tale, “Mystery at the Studio” by classic-style Archie Comics creative stalwarts, writer George Gladir and artists Stan Goldberg (pencils) and Rudy Lapick (inks).  This digest also has some Betty solo comics and some Veronica solo comics … for those who want to enjoy the girls apart.

I must warn you, dear readers.  I will always recommend classic-style Archie Comics titles.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of classic-style Archie Comics and of Christmas-themed comics will want Betty & Veronica Double Digest #299.

7 out of 10

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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