Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Reads You Review: PANIC X PANIC, VOL. 1

Creator: Mika Kawamura; Joshua Weeks (translation and adaptation Publishing Information: Del Rey Manga, paperback, 202 pages, $10.99 (US), $13.99 CAN
Ordering Numbers: ISBN: 978-0-345-51463-9 (ISBN-13)

Panic X Panic, a new manga series from Del Rey Manga and created by Mika Kawamura, is not aimed at any demographic group to which I belong. So I imagine that I enjoyed it so much because it is simply a delight to read.

Panic X Panic, Vol. 1 introduces childhood friends/rivals, Mitsuki Kamishiro and Kakeru Kuon. Mitsuki’s family operates a shrine and Kakeru’s family runs a church across the street from the Kamishiro Shrine. What neither knows is that each is descended from a group called the “Holy Workers,” who banished demons back to their world and sealed them there 2000 years ago.

Well, the demons are back, and when one attacks Mitsuki, Kakeru comes to the rescue. Mitsuki discovers that she, like Kakeru, has magical powers, but she and Kakeru must work together to save the world from the demon invasion. The question is can they work together when they bicker so much?

Although it fronts a teen love story featuring a bickering couple, Panic X Panic presents Mitsuki Kamishiro as the true lead. Readers experience the story through her eyes, and Mike Kawamura tells the story in such a way that the readers share Mitsuki’s sense of wonder, her confusion and fear, her ignorance, etc. about the supernatural that has suddenly come into her life.

The Supernatural aside, Panic X Panic is high school shojo manga, with all the social and political aspects
that entails. This series also has an interesting and eclectic supporting cast, which includes some demons as “good guys.” Even this early in the series, it is clear that the supporting players will drive much of this series, both in terms of storytelling and tone. It looks like a fun time will be had.

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