Monday, November 19, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Teen Titans #13

Teen Titans # 13
DC Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Story: Scott Lobdell
Script: Fabian Nicieza
Art: Ale Garza

The Origin of Wonder Girl (Spoilers!)

Cassie Sandmark is a cat burglar who runs afoul of the law and is saved by a muscle-bound guy named Diesel. She falls in love with this bad boy who takes her on a joyride through the dark side. During this time Cassie is traveling around the world with her mother going from archaeological site to archaeological site.

They end up at a site in Cambodia where Diesel decides to steal some buried treasure. Diesel gets attacked by the living armor; Cassie saves Diesel by taking on the armor herself. Diesel is angry and wants the armor back; then, bam, the mountain falls on him. Wonder Girl is born. Back in the present, Cassie, Red Robin, and Superboy are flying to Cambodia to find some answers.

I am a Titans fan, so I am reading this issue, trying to keep up with what the gang is doing. The story is not impressing me very much; I am feeling disappointed by Scott Lobdell, who’s been handling his business of late. Then, bam, the mountain falls on me. I didn’t know this was one of those stories where the shocker comes at the end. The story is made worthwhile with the words “the mark of Trigon.” It’s on now; time for the big boys to get in the game. Mother-shut-my-mouth Trigon is in the works. I can’t wait to see The New 52 Raven. That’s how you leave them wanting more. Okay, give us a little more; the new, fine-ass Amanda Waller is sending one of her boys to bring the Titans in. Mouth watering foreshadowing is what this issue is about.

The art is good. Garza’s talent shines when Wonder Girl is taking the armor. The costume is visually appealing, and the armor is hardcore. When you see it, you know someone will receive more than their fair share of pain and misery. Red Robin is a bad boy in that flying apparatus.

I rate Teen Titans # 13 Buy Your Own Copy. #2 (of 5) Al-O-Meter Ranking

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