Monday, November 12, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: The Final Issue of Captain America

The Final Issue of Captain America (Captain America #19)
Marvel Comics

Review by Albert Avilla

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Art: Steve Epting

The greatest run of Captain America comes to an end. This is comparable to Frank Miller leaving Daredevil. You have to appreciate the knowledge of Captain America and the understanding of who Captain America is that Brubaker has.

During his run Brubaker never strayed from the traits that made Captain America who he is. If anything, Brubaker has cemented them in his stories. Captain America has been a leader and an inspiration for other superheroes. Under Brubaker, Captain America has become the undisputed leader of the Marvel Universe. The character’s popularity has grown to a level that is unprecedented. Brubaker has taken a stagnant character and made him interesting and vibrant. This is difficult to do with a character with such steadfast morals and personality. Through his masterful storytelling, Brubaker has made this an award-winner when many thought the character was outdated. This story is our opportunity to appreciate a great talent that may not be seen for years to come if ever again on Captain America.

Thank You, Mr. Brubaker, for your hard work and for sharing your talent. Another generation of comic readers will be inspirited by the heroism of Captain America because of Brubaker’s monumental effort.

Epting did some of his best work in this issue. Brubaker and Epting will be linked to Captain America forever.

I rate The Final Issue of Captain America Recommend it to a Friend. This is the Al-O-Meter's highest ranking.

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