Sunday, February 17, 2013

Albert Avilla Reviews: New Avengers #1

New Avengers #1
Marvel Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Pencils: Steve Epting
Inks: Rick D’armate & Steve Epting

“Memento Mori” (Spoilers!)

The Illuminati are coming together as a team of Avengers, minus Xavier plus Cap. Does Captain America have to be on every Avenger’s team?

This is a team of big time heavy hitters. Every member is a leader of great significance in the Marvel Universe. Reed Richards and Tony Stark are two of the greatest scientists; Dr. Strange is the greatest mystic. Blackbolt and Namor are kings of two great nations. Captain America is the symbol of his nation. T’Challa is all of these things in one hero, the Black Panther. Just the brainwaves emanating from the group should be able to knock out a few villains.

Oh, let’s not forget the greatest lack of personality, Blackbolt. I tend to forget that he’s in a story with the I-don’t-talk-because-my-voice-is-so-powerful. Learn sign language or something; whistle. With Richards, Stark, Strange, and T’Challa, there will be so much talking and contemplating; Blackbolt should be able to take good, long naps. Let’s hope that the loose cannon, Namor, can get them into some situations that they have to fight their way out of. There are some awesome fighters on the team.

Hickman delivers an emotional story. Three of Wakanda’s brightest stars are viciously killed by visitors from another mission to destroy an earth. If you’re trying to make people hate a villain, then, have them kill good, intelligent children who have a future – not like those little blessings that have been knocking down my garbage cans. The villains destroy the Earth with little effort – setting up the villains as a great challenge for Black Panther. T’Challa with such overwhelming odds facing him calls, in the Illuminati.

Epting’s art is an improvement over his past work. His style is the same, but it seems to be more pleasing to the eye.

I rate New Avengers #1 Buy Your Own Copy. #2 (of 5) on the Al-O-Meter

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