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MANGAKA: Maki Minami
TRANSLATION: Christine Dashiell
LETTERS: John Hunt
EDITOR: Nancy Thislethwaite
ISBN: 978-1-4215-8139-2; paperback (September 2015); Rated “T” for “Teen”
200pp, B&W, $9.99 U.S., $12.99 CAN, £6.99 U.K.

The works of manga creator, Maki Minami, include Kanata no Ao (Faraway Blue), S•A (Special A), and Voice Over! Seiyu Academy.  VIZ Media is publishing her new series, Komomo Confiserie, under the company’s “Shojo Beat” imprint, with new volumes scheduled for release in print and digitally on a quarterly basis.  Komomo Confiserie is available digitally via and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and GooglePlay stores.

Komomo Confiserie focuses on Komomo Ninomiya.  As a little girl, 6-year-old Komomo delighted in picking on 5-year-old Natsu Azumi, the son of her family’s pastry chef.  Ten years later, her family fortune is lost, and 15-year-old Komomo has no place to live.  She encounters Natsu again.  He is a 15-year-old prodigy patissier who has returned to Japan to care for the family business, Méli-Mélo, a confiserie.  Now, Natsu the master pastry chef will help Komomo, but only if she works for him at his new confiserie!

Komomo Confiserie, Vol. 1 (Chapters 1 to 5) opens with a recollection of the past, 10 years earlier.  Komomo is a spoiled princess, who picks on young Natsu.  The truth is, however, that she loves the sweet treats the boy can prepare, even at his young age.  In the present day, Komomo is broke, living in a boarding house, and keeps losing her wage-slave jobs.

Her savior arrives, and he even has a new place for her stay – right above the family confection shop.  He's the boss, and now, he delivers the torments.  Meanwhile, Natsu's pal from France, 23-year-old Yuri Lacroix, is coming to join the fun.

[This volume includes two bonus manga.]

I am not sure that I will enjoy the Komomo Confiserie manga as much as I enjoyed creator Maki Minami's previous manga, Voice Over! Seiyu Academy.  But there is a chance that I will.

Komomo Confiserie Volume 1 introduces a heroine in Komomo Ninomiya that has potential.  She is naive, but worldly.  She is bedraggled, but determined to be on top again.  She is a crybaby with the stiff spine of a stoic.  Yes, Komomo Confiserie has potential, and I want to see what the next volume has to offer.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux

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