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Review: THE EMPTY #1

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CARTOONIST: Jimmie Robinson
COLORS: Jimmie Robinson
LETTERS: Jimmie Robinson
28pp, Colors, $3.50 U.S. (February 2015)

Rated “T/Teen”

The Empty is a miniseries created, written, and drawn by Jimmie Robinson.  Published by Image Comics' imprint, Shadowline, The Empty is a tale about characters from different backgrounds who must work together if they are to save a dying planet.

The Empty #1 introduces the Empty.  This is a vast desert wasteland where hardly anything grows, apparently because of giant poisonous roots that leak gas into the air and the land.  A young woman named Tanoor is a fighter who hunts this dead land to find food for her village of Vaankam.  During a hunt, Tanoor discovers a young woman named Lila, who is apparently from another land, maybe even another world.  Lila's strange talents may save the Empty, but in the meantime, her powers endanger both herself and Tanoor.

I think that I had heard of The Empty long before I found some issues at my local comic shop.  I quickly snatched up The Empty #1 because of my recent interest in Jimmie Robinson, creator of The Empty and of the new series, Power Lines.

As someone who writes the story; composes the pencil, ink, and color art; and provides lettering for his comics, Robinson has control over the entire graphical package of his comic books.  Thus, there is little interference between Robinson's message/story and his audience.  There is a kind of narrative purity in that which I find hard to ignore – with good reason.

The bleak landscape of The Empty is actually beautiful, simply because Robinson's graphics and visuals are so pretty.  However, the rawness of the characters' emotions and the sense of desperation in the villagers is palatable.  Even the naked jealousy and dishonesty of the Elder Blan is powerful enough to drive the narrative.

I plan to read more of The Empty.  Even this single issue reveals the force and skill of Jimmie Robinson's immense talents as both a comics storyteller and as an illustrator and artist.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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