Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review: The Adventures of NIKKI HARRIS the Cybermation Witch #8

CANDLE LIGHT PRESS/Warning Comics – @candlelightpres @attila71

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CARTOONIST: Carter Allen – @attila71
32pp, Color, $3.00 U.S. (2016)


When we last saw her, Nikki Harris (cybermation witch and sci-fi heroine) faced two challenges.  One was solving the mystery of the Kaninium mines on the planet Util.  The other was fighting off the maniacal assassin,  MARION3TT3.

The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch #8 (“Fire”) opens on the planet Infantino.  There, Nikki awaits the arrival of Ambassador Royks to whom she will act as a bodyguard.  He is attending an important peace summit, and if the summit fails there will be war between many star systems.  The fate of the galaxy seems to be in Nikki's hands, and she must also deal with the pesky, Farrah Heit.

The end may be near for The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch comic book (as I've been informed).  Of course, that's a shame.  It seems as if I like this series more and more with each new issue, simply because it is so thoroughly enjoyable.

Over the years, writer-artist Carter Allen has continued to refine his digital comics process, and the result is a colorful and vibrant graphical package that recalls Tron: Legacy.  With comic flare and sly wit, Nikki is ready to be a breakout star, and she outshines the few other efforts at sci-fi humor comics, which are often lame.  The Adventures of Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch  remains a cool comic book – maybe being a little cooler than ever.


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