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Review: Marvel Action AVENGERS #1

AVENGERS (Marvel Action) No. 1
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STORY: Matthew K. Manning
ART: Jon Sommariva
COLORS: Protobunker
LETTERS: Christa Miesner
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow
COVER: Jon Sommariva
VARIANT COVER ARTISTS: Sara Pitre-Durocher; Sophie Campbell; Gabriel Rodriguez with Nelson Daniel; Alex Milne with Paris Alleyne; Jarrett Williams with Tim Shinn
28pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (December 2018)

Avengers created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

“The Iron Mechanic – Part One

Marvel Action is a new line of comic books produced by IDW Publishing under license from Marvel Comics.  The titles in this line will feature Marvel Comics characters in comic books aimed at “middle grade readers” and “younger readers.”

The second release in this new line features Marvel Comics' most famous super team and is entitled Marvel Action Avengers (although the official title in the indicia is simply, “Avengers”).  It is written by Matthew K. Manning; drawn by Jon Sommariva; colored by Protobunker; and lettered by Christa Miesner.

Marvel Action Avengers #1 finds Tony Stark having dinner with Pepper Potts in a swanky restaurant.  What Tony does not realize is that he is the target of A.I.M., Advanced Idea Mechanics, a terrorist organization composed of super-scientists.  A.I.M. wants Stark's Iron Man armor, and they are about to have it.  Only a host of Avengers, including the Black Widow, Black Panther, and Captain America (to name a few), can stop A.I.M.  Or can they?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Marvel Action: Spider-Man, so I was looking forward to Marvel Action Avengers.  While the Spider-Man title is the superior of the two, Avengers is a fun read.  It is a straight action comic book:  good guys minding their own business; diabolical organization and bad guys launching a dastardly plot, and conflict ensues; plus, there is an excellent cliffhanger ending.  Matthew K. Manning's script captures the superhero elements of the Avengers without trying to create new soap opera and character dynamics.  This is fight comics without the psychological romance.

Artist Jon Sommariva, who has produced some excellent art for IDW's Star Wars Adventures comic books, produces more excellent work here.  The art is drawn in bold strokes with bold line work and slick inking, and the storytelling moves quickly and practically pops off the page.  The colors by Protobunker are shimmering, and the lettering by Christa Miesner establishes the tone of the dialogue.  Her sound effects almost create a soundtrack for this first issue.

So I am looking forward to more Marvel Action Avengers, and I think it is a perfect comic book for young readers who like the Avengers films.

8 out of 10

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You'

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