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WRITER: Brian Azzarello
ARTIST: Juan Doe
COLORS: Juan Doe
COVER: Juan Doe
VARIANT COVERS: Dave Johnson; Alexis Zuritt; Phil Hester
32pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (January 2016)

For mature readers

American Monster created by Brian Azzarello

Chapter 1: “American Monster”

American Monster is a new ongoing comic book series created and written by Brian Azzarello (DKIII: The Master Race) and drawn by Juan Doe.  The series is set in a small Midwestern town beset by corrupt cops and violent rural gangs and focuses on a mysterious newcomer with mysterious intentions.

American Monster #1 opens at night in a palatial rural estate in the which the inhabitants are about to experience a home invasion.  Meanwhile, a behemoth of a man gets off a bus, seeking food and lodging.  His horribly scarred face spooks the locals, and his taciturn manner makes it difficult for the townsfolk to discover his identity and intentions.

The first time I read Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's seminal crime comic book series, 100 Bullets (DC Comics/Vertigo), I was spellbound.  It was a magical reading experience, and yes, I used the world “magical.”  I read the first two trade paperback collections in one weekend, and I was practically desperate to find individual issues.

I wouldn't call my reading experience with American Monster #1 as magical.  This first issue is intriguing and vague, as are so many first issue these days, whether it be for ongoing titles or miniseries.  American Monster #1 is too dark and brutal to evoke feelings of a face sprinkled by fairy dust.  But I want more American Monster real bad, daddy.  I need my second-issue fix real soon.

Seriously, I think Juan Doe's clean drawing line and stylish, but matter-of-fact storytelling is perfect for bringing this ugly, taxi-to-the-dark-side story that Azzarello is spinning.  This ain't no Dark Knight Bat-guano, fill-the-corporate-coffers comic book.  American Monster promises the real Brian Azzarello, the dangerous storyteller who has just got off the bus in comic book town.

[This comic book also includes a preview of the comic book, “Strayer #1,” by writer Justin Jordan and artist Juan Gedeon.]

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