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#IReadsYou Review: CHAOS CAMPUS #42


STORY: B. Alex Thompson
ART: Ricardo Mendez
COLORS: Alivon Ortiz
EDITOR: B. Alex Thompson
MISC: Ricardo Mendez with Alivon Ortiz
COVER: Ricardo Mendez with Alivon Ortiz
28pp, Color, $4.99 U.S. (2019)

Rated: Teen 13+

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies created by B. Alex Thompson


Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies is the long-running zombie apocalypse comic book series from Approbation Comics.  Mixing in elements of comedy, horror, adventure, and magic, it is the creation of B. Alex Thompson.  The series is set during a zombie invasion and follows the adventures of three members of the sorority, Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon (EAZY):  ass-kickin’ Jamie Lynn Schaffer, brainy and magic-wielding Paige Helena Patton, and sexy goddess-type Brittany Ann Miller.  The series is written by Thompson.  It is currently drawn by Ricardo Mendez; colored by Alivon Ortiz; and lettered by Krugos.

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies #42 (“Convocation”) opens on the “Campus” in the wake of the events of “Commencement.”  Tyler Patton interrogates the recently captured Mitzy Peterson about the actions of Dr. Lucian Campbell – still alive and still plotting to bring Skull Drudgery to this dimension.

Then, there is a gathering of the round table of the Campus' leadership, which includes the EAZY girls, of course.  Tempers flare, but Tyler forms an action team that will leave the campus in order to battle a new squad of alternate dimensional versions of themselves.  Called “The Alts,” they are led by Roger Sinclair and include alternate versions of Marco Aguilar, Janisha Johnson, Karen Kim, Katie Parker, and Billy Baker.  But can Tyler and his team:  Damien, Sanee, Dylan, and Mikhail, stop a group that doesn't plan on leaving until they have this world's version of Paige – so that they can killer her?

And Dylan plots to save Marco...

THE LOWDOWN:  Yes, dear readers, we are continuing toward the conclusion of the Chaos Campus comic book series.  Every time I read an issue of this genre-busting series, however, I get deeper into the denial that the end is near.

Chaos Campus #42 continues a run of exceptionally good issues of this series.  With each issue, writer B. Alex Thompson offers what amounts to a graphic novel's worth of narrative.  Here, twenty-eight pages reads like one of those 64 page annuals or paperback graphic novels from the 1980s and 90s.  Thompson makes each issue feel like an entire story arc of imaginative storytelling, and by the end, I honestly want more of his wonderful characters and their machinations.

Ricardo Mendez has already cemented his place as Chaos Campus' signature artist.  He has made Chaos Campus as much a character drama as it is a multiverse of zombie adventure.  Alivon Ortiz's colors sparkle and bring a vividness to this world.  Of course, Krugos' lettering completes the storytelling with a thumping soundtrack.

So, dear readers, it is easy to join the Chaos Campus fun.  I have placed a link where you can order issues at the bottom of this review – just for you.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of zombies, video games, and of horror-comedies will want to try Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies.

★★★★+ out of 4 stars

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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