Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review: Creative Team Makes "SUPERMAN #38" Super

Reviewed by Albert Avilla


STORY: Geoff Johns
PENCILS: John Romita, Jr.
INKS: Klaus Janson
COLORS: Laura Martin, Ulises Arreola, Dan Brown, Wil Quintana
LETTERS: Sal Cipriano

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster


The Men of Tomorrow: Chapter 7 - “Friends and Enemies”

I don't read a lot of Superman stories, but recently, I have been able to read this story arc.  The hype machine got me interested in learning about Superman's new power.  Why does he need a new power?  He is already the head, number-one, ass-kicker in the DC Universe.  But growth is good.  We don't want stagnant characters.

I feel fortunate that I got lucky to read this story because of some key events.  Superman makes a catastrophic mistake that has catastrophic consequences.  This makes him more fallible, not the all powerful super-being who can accomplish anything.  I would have liked to see him a little upset about the situation, not just jump back into his regular routine without a pause.  He is sympathetic toward Ulysses, but I think Geoff Johns misses a chance to demonstrate Superman's human side and to get us in our emotions (new slang that I learned from the kids).

Of course, the new power is a big event.  I like that it evolves from a power that Superman already has, and it leaves him vulnerable after he uses it. A real hero puts his life on the line.  I don't want him to use this power like fireworks on the Fourth of July.  My question is simple:  is this the final manifestation of this power or will it evolve?

That's not the only bomb that Superman drops on us.  Superman reveals his secret identity to Jimmy Olsen.  Now, Jimmy is Superman's best friend.

This is one of Mr. John's best offerings.  He has met the standard set by his own talent.  We can appreciate the masters, John Romita and Klaus Janson, on this art team.  From the Fourth Dimension to Metropolis to Superman exploding, the art is exquisite and sublime. These gentlemen are focused on making Superman the pinnacle of comic art.

I rate Superman #38 Buy Your Own Copy (#2 on the Al-o-Meter)

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