Friday, July 3, 2015

"Spider-Gwen #3" is Pretty and Amazing

SPIDER GWEN #3 - Reviewed by Albert Avilla

STORY: Jason Latour
PENCILS: Robbi Rodriguez
COLORS: Rico Renzi
LETTERS: VC's Clayton Cowles


When I saw the title of this book, I said, “Spider what? Huh?”  Then, the old saying came back to me, “Don't judge a book by the cover.”  My new saying is don't judge a comic book by its title, because the covers have been awesome.

I have been enjoying this reality where Peter Parker dies and everyone lives.  The direction that the characters' lives have taken is compelling.  It's like the old “What If” stories on steroids.  My favorite is “What If... the Punisher was a cop?”  I can't wait to see what direction that is going.  Are there any police brutality considerations?

The relationship dynamic between Gwen and her father is interesting.  You raise a child to stand up for what is right; then, when she has the power to make a difference, you are concerned about her safety.  Uncle Ben and Aunt May are hinted at being more than the elderly-couple-next-door.  Gwen is going to have all these righteous people influencing her.

While I am reading, I am imagining all of these story lines that can arise from all of these fragments, but I know this is all going on a completely different tangent.  That is what makes this book so intriguing; there is so much potential for fascinating stories.

The action scenes in the story are thrilling.  You get a different style of Spider-Man fight.  Shout out to whoever came up with the idea of getting Gwen to use bowling pins and a trophy as nunchucks.  This is a story that keeps the neurons in your brain firing and your breath short.

Robbi Rodriguez has a unique style of art.  The art is just as important as the text in the storytelling.  Spider-Gwen's costume is amazing.  When she is in a panel, your attention is drawn to the character; the character is glowing in the panel.  The use of white and red is artistic brilliance.  It gives Spider-Gwen a unique look in the “Spider World.”  The covers have been beautiful with Gwen in some cool “Spider-poses.”

I rate Spider Gwen #3 Buy Your Own Copy (#2 on the Al-o-Meter)

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