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#IReadsYou Review: BANKSHOT #1

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STORY: Alex de Campi
ART: ChrisCross
COLORS: Snakebite Cortez
LETTERS: Alex de Campi
COVER: ChrisCross with Snakebite Cortez
28pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (June 2017)

Bankshot is a new comic book series from writer Alex de Campi and artist ChrisCross.  Published by Dark Horse Comics, this five-issue miniseries focuses on an anti-hero who is a modern-day Robin Hood or a terrorist or both.  Snakebite Cortez is the series colorist and de Campi is the letterer.

Bankshot #1 opens at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington D.C., the home of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Some FBI agents have just gotten the worst of Marcus King, who might be a terrorist.  The truth of Marcus King is probably an origin story than began in North Africa.  Now, Marcus will have to deal with an adversary who knows what the truth about Marcus King is and where that truth is buried.

I like the cover for Bankshot #1, which is drawn by ChrisCross and colorist Snakebite Cortez, because it looks like it was drawn by longtime comic book artist Paul Gulacy, who can draw a nice cover for sure.  I also enjoyed reading this first issue, but so much of the plot and narrative remain hidden in the shadows of battle scenes and tense meetings.

In Alex de Campi I trust, however, because of her recent comic books like No Mercy (Image Comics) and her unexpectedly thrilling crossover hit, Archie vs. Predator (Dark Horse Comics).  I think the best is yet to come in Bankshot.  I am enjoying ChrisCross' art, but the art is also cluttered in many panels, which is (say it with me!) static in the line communication between the story and the reader.  I look forward to the next issue.

7.5 out of 10

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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