Sunday, April 11, 2010

Comic Book Shops to Experience a "Flare" Up in 2010


Comics' glittering goddess of light returns in this year with a series of all-new adventures!

In begins in June, in FLARE ANNUAL #3. In this special ANNUAL edition of FLARE, her regular newspaper comic strip artist, SEAN HARRINGTON, makes his FLARE comic book debut with a brilliant cover, plus a fabulously rendered all-new adventure featuring FLARE battling crime in San Francisco, side-by-side with her police officer boyfriend, LUCAS MADISON. This story also serves as a prologue to Flare's 25th Anniversary celebration, coming your way in the summer of 2011.

Then in July, in the pages of FLARE ADVENTURES #26, when comics' glittering goddess of the light meets the world's sexiest spy, it's time to go SPYING WITH LANA! In this booklength crossover epic, enjoy a SEAN HARRINGTON tour de force as he brings two of his favorite females together for the very first time. If you'd like to learn more about Lana, check out Sean's popular "Spying with Lana" webcomic, updated every Monday and Thursday at

In September the regular FLARE comic book title returns to bimonthly publication with issue #39, featuring a complete 16-page FLARE adventure by Dennis Mallonee and Sean Harrington, revealing the secret origin of the super-swift DASH, and featuring special guest appearances by none other than the explosive BLONDE BOMBSHELL and the ever-naughty BLACK ENCHANTRESS! There's trouble in store when the maniacal super-speedster rises up from his deathbed, gives the slip to his keepers, and sets his sights on vengeance against an unsuspecting FLARE! Also in this issue, Dennis Mallonee, Gordon Purcell, and Terry Pallot bring you a suprise solo adventure starring Flare's police officer boyfriend, LUCAS MADISON! When the luscious LADY DARKON decides she wants hunky Lucas for herself, and recruits help from APHRODITE in order to get him, how in the world is a mere mortal ever going to be able to resist the mind-altering potions of the Olympian goddess of love?

And in November, in FLARE #40, in an adventure that ties in directly with events in LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS #13, FLARE faces "The Challenge of the Steel Shrike," an all-new tale by Dennis Mallonee and Duval Stowers. Also in this issue: The BLACK ENCHANTRESS stars in a surprise solo adventure as she takes it on herself to deal with a few loose ends that need some tying up. "Andrea's Adventure in Olympus" is an all-new tale by Dennis Mallonee and J. Adam Walters that helps set the stage for our glittering goddess of the light's 25th Anniversary celebration, coming your way in the summer of 2011!

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