Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Reliable Press Announces New Crime Anthology


Acts of Violence explores mob loyalty, vigilante justice, drug addiction and dirty cops

New Reliable Press, one of Canada’s most versatile comics publishers, has just released Acts of Violence: A Crime Comics Anthology, a collection of sequential crime fiction told in the pulp tradition.

“Crime comics are in the midst of a revival,” says Ed Brisson, founder of New Reliable Press and co-creator of Acts of Violence, citing examples like DC’s Vertigo Crime line, Ed Brubaker’s Criminal, Marvel Noir, and Dark Horse’s recently released crime comics anthology.

And true to the nature of characters in crime fiction, the small, scrappy upstart is ready to go toe-to-toe with the big boys.

“Our promotional campaign is as well planned as a bank heist,” says Brisson. “Postcards have been sent to more than 500 comic shops in North America, and the creators are working the phones and social networking to connect with retailers and comic fans.”

Over the month of April, Acts of Violence creators have called more than 350 comic shops in North America, with more calls to be made before the end of the month. The creators feel this grassroots promotion is what is ultimately going to drive interest in the anthology.

“We’re not going to bust any kneecaps, but we will bust our asses to get the word out about our book,” says Brisson.

Featuring the talents of Toren Atkinson, Ed Brisson, Chad Boudreau, Dino Caruso, Damian Couceiro, Todd Ireland, Kevin Leeson, Manoel Magalhaes, and Marvin Mann and cover art by Fiona Staples, Acts of Violence unveils a roster of new voices in hard-boiled crime comics.

In “The Three Princes”, a trio of young friends is schooled on the alcohol and blood soaked streets of Prohibition era America. A rookie lawman must protect a killer from the desperate and despairing parents of a murdered girl in “Six O’Clock Noose”. A drug addled ten-time loser seeks to break the chains of misery that bind him in “Reggie-Town”. And in “The Orchard”, two cops take a late night drive into broken morals and violence.

Novelist and comics writer Mike Carey called Acts of Violence “a dark, rich anthology… [with] strong creative voices, using the comics medium to do ambitious things.”

A 20-page preview of Acts of Violence can be found at http://www.actsofviolencecomic.com/.

The anthology is being distributed by Diamond Comics, and has been solicited in the April edition of Previews. A PDF that you can print and bring to your local comic shop to let them know you’d like to order the book can be obtained at http://newreliable.com/AoV_PDF.pdf. The PDF contains all the info your retailer will need for Acts Of Violence.

Contact edb@newreliable.com for interview requests or general inquiries. Visit http://www.actsofviolencecomic.com/ for more information about Acts of Violence.


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