Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moonstone to Publish "Captain Action, Season 2" in July

MOONSTONE July ’10 Release

Story: Steven Grant, Rafael Nieves
Art: Manuel Martin, Steve Scott
Colors: James Brown
Covers: Mark Texiera, Mike Allred
32pgs, color, $3.99

Back in Action! The”original action figure” is back for more thrills, more intrigue, more heroes and even more villains, as award-winning writer Steven Grant hits the ground running in this new ongoing series. Picking up right after the first mini, the reluctant, new Captain Action finds himself fighting a war that the world doesn’t realize already has already been lost!

Each issue showcases a full-length Captain Action adventure and one back-up tale featuring characters such as Lady Action and Dr. Eville! First-up: a glimpse into the early days of Action Boy. (Each cover available separately)

**RETAILER INCENTIVE#1: for every 5 copies ordered, get one FREE!

**RETAILER INCENTIVE #2: for every 5 copies ordered, you can order one Texiera variant cover version: $3.99 retail.


  1. Should be fun- and the other cover, by Michael Allred is pretty killer too!

  2. And here's a preview of the comic too!