Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Political Power" Has Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Is he the embodiment of the American dream? Or is he simply a man lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time? That's the question Bluewater Productions tackles in its newest biography comic, Political Power: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Due to hit comic shops on June 30, Bluewater's latest bio comic traces Schwarzenegger's life as he rises from obscure body builder to movie star to governor of California. It's a career path few would have predicted. Then again, defying predictions is a common theme for Schwarzenegger.

Few, after all, would have predicted a movie career for Schwarzenegger. And fewer still would have predicted that the former body builder would become Hollywood's top action star. But in movies such as Terminator, Predator and True Lies, Schwarzenegger brought untold profits to the movie studios smart enough to cast him as their leading man.

Written by Justin Peniston with interior art by Matt Filer, Political Power: Arnold Schwarzenegger continues Bluewater's successful line of biography comics. Bluewater launched the Political Power line last July with a comic on former Secretary of State Colin Powell. It has since presented the stories of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, George W. Bush and Al Gore. Like its sister title, Female Force, the series has a simple goal: to tell even-handed stories of the individuals responsible for shaping the American experience.

Peniston said that even hardcore Schwarzenegger fans will be surprised at some of the revelations in Political Power: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“The crazy thing is, as something of an action movie buff, I probably tended to dismiss Arnold's accomplishments more than I should have,” Peniston said. “I didn't realize, living in a culture that allows people to become famous for any old thing these days, how difficult it was for Arnold to make the jump from bodybuilding to acting. I didn't know that he was a millionaire before he was a successful actor. I didn't know that he's been following a plan that he's had in place all along. I guess I'm saying that I knew he was a self-made man; but I didn't know what that really meant until I took on this project.”

Darren G. Davis, publisher and founder of Bluewater Productions, said that Schwarzenegger was a natural choice for the Political Power line.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of the most-populated state in the country,” Davis said. “He is undeniably an important man. He was also the most sought-after action movie star for more than a decade. Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly deserves his own comic.”

Interviews and high-resolution images are available upon request. For more information about Political Power and Bluewater Productions, visit In stores later this month "Political Power: Al Gore" and "Political Power: Rush Limbaugh"

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