Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heroic Publishing Announces Contest


Heroic Publishing is letting fans decide what FLARE will be doing next!

Later this year, Heroic will produce a series of 10 full-color, limited edition posters featuring comics' glittering goddess of light. And in each of those 10 posters, it will be a Flare fan who says exactly what she's doing!

It's the official FLARE POSTER CONTEST! From now through the end of May, you can visit Flare's website (at, enter the contest, and tell Heroic what you want to see on a FLARE poster!

Heroic's going to take the ten best ideas they get, have each of them drawn by one of FLARE's great artists, and print them up as limited edition, autographed, full-color FLARE posters. And for each poster, the fan who suggested the idea will get the #1 copy! (In case of duplicate ideas, the earliest submission will win.)

Fans can make multiple suggestions, and enter the contest many times as they like!

So visit the Heroic Publishing website, and submit your idea to the FLARE POSTER CONTEST today!

Heroic Publishing's full-color comic book titles are now distributed exclusively through the new ComicsMonkey distribution service, Single copy purchases can be made from the Heroic Publishing website at, or from IndyPlanet at

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