Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Lantern Film Reviewed

I saw Green Lantern and posted a review at Negromancer.  The movie has its moments, and it is visually striking, but way too noisy.  The visual effects are mostly good, but some of them are surprisingly bad for a big budget flick from a major studio.

The script is bad, although, by the end, Green Lantern becomes the hero he is supposed to be in a rousing finale.  Mark Strong is utterly wasted as Sinestro.  Most of the characters are extraneous, and once again, the very talented Angela Bassett is way under-utilized.

So far, the box office looks good, perhaps coming in at $55 to $60 million for the weekend.  This may be enough to get the studio to greenlight a sequel - hopefully with at least new writers.

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