Friday, October 26, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Batwoman #0

Batwoman #0
DC Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer/Artist: J.H. Williams III
Writer: W. Haden Blackman

(Possible Spoilers)
Sometimes a story becomes more than a comic book or even a graphic novel and becomes just good literature. I have stated before that I like the old-fashioned fisticuffs in my comics, but if the creators have real talent I can be moved by words. This is a fine example of one of those stories. This story makes you believe that these fictional characters are real and that we are privy to one of their secret moments.

The writers do an incredible job of illustrating the changing dynamic in Kate's relationship with her father. Williams and Blackman give us a fresh take on the training of a Bat-character. Her training does not come from Batman; it is directed by her father's own military background. Batman may have inspired her name and costume, but Kate's father is the inspiration for her life. Batwoman's origin is told in a message to her father that she leaves on her computer to let her father know his importance to her. In Kate Kane we see a powerful self-reliant woman who is able to resist falling into the abyss that is Gotham. Some writer once made the quote that we do not judge great literature; it judges us. Let this story judge you.

With a story like this, there is no need to make a comment about the art. We all know that Williams has made Batwoman his character.

I rate Batwoman #0 Recommend It To A Friend.

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