Saturday, October 6, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Captain America and the Black Widow #637

Captain America and the Black Widow #637
Marvel Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist/Cover: Francesco Francavilla

Captain America and the Black Widow are two great characters with great histories. Let’s hope that this story won’t become a memorable part of those histories.

Vennema Multiversal is a criminal corporation made up of the same person from different universes, Kashmir Vennema. Who’s the leader of the corporation? How can the same person tell herself what she needs to do? I know a corporation of me would have a few problems. I would expect me to give me a well-paid cushy job. I couldn’t go to me and tell me that I was going to be the janitor. I would have to tell me that I was wasting my talent in such a low-level job. Once boss wouldn’t be around I would take my place and go around giving orders and enjoying all of my executive perks, because I would know that I was just as intelligent and capable as me. All of the other me’s would be doing the same thing. Eventually, I would say f…. me, and all of me would end up reading comics all day long. I think a corporation needs more than one skill-set and type of personality.

Cap and Widow discover that Vennema is selling heroes from across the multiverse as slaves. Once this is discovered, Vennema abandons the mission. Cap, Widow, and the slaves are transported to some random universe. They land on Garbage World; that’s the best description that I have for the place. Cap leaves to recon the area and finds that Garbage world is controlled by Hydra Tripods, yes tripods.

The art in the advertisements was fantastic. Look at the cover; the interior doesn’t get better.

I rate Captain America and the Black Widow # 637 Don’t Waste Your Time and Cash.

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