Sunday, December 2, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Hit Girl Issue 4

Hit Girl Issue 4
Marvel Comics/ICON

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Finishes/Inks: Tom Palmer

Say My Name! (Spoilers!)
The best female character in comics, and she has no boobs. We thought Hit Girl was caught in an untenable situation. She not only gets out of trouble with the most violence she can muster, she also gets home in time to protect her cover story. You have to love a little cutie who can mop the floor with blood-thirsty thugs. She has all the little bees at school in check; her position as alpha female is firmly established. Her plan to take down Genovese is set with pictures to go along with it. Red Mist is getting mystical martial arts training from con artists in Asia.

I got cramps in the old abdomen from laughing. How can someone make you cringe at the amount of blood splattered and at the same time laugh at the stupidity of the criminal? Talent has something to do with it. Sweet and spicy like General Tso's Chicken. The step-dad is locking down Mindy's room; I can imagine her planning how she'll pick the locks while Marcus is installing them. When Genovese's hit squad comes to kill Marcus, they grab Mindy and drag her to Marcus; they want Marcus to beg them not to kill her. They think that they are going to be pulling the wings off of a butterfly when they really stepped in a nest of pit vipers.

There is no moment while reading this story that you are not thoroughly entertained. Millar is the leader of the pack when we are discussing storytelling in the comic book format. I have to wait until next issue to see what Hit Girl has up her diabolical little sleeves. We are in store for some poetic violence.

John Romita Jr. is an icon in the industry. This is some of his best work. When you see his name on a comic book, you know that it is a major event. He has his own signature style which enhances any story.

I rate Hit Girl Issue 4 Recommend it to a Friend. Al-O-Meter's Highest Ranking

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