Monday, December 31, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Uncanny Avengers 002

Uncanny Avengers 002
Marvel Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: John Cassaday
Cover: John Cassaday and Laura Martin
Variant Cover: Milo Manara

There is a battle going on for my comic book dollars, and the number one contender is the Uncanny Avengers. I’ve already put it on my pull list. The number one reason is Remender’s writing.

When I saw that the Red Skull was going to be the first adversary of the Uncanny Avengers, I thought, oh boy, some of the same old same-old. I’m wrong so often it’s easy for me to admit when I am wrong. Remender handles the Skull well; he has a good insight into who the Skull is. Who better to use as the catalyst to further incite the humans’ hatred of the mutants than the former henchman of Adolf Hitler.

Remender’s writing exposes the evil that the Skull is. He uses our desire to find something to blame for what is not right in the world and amplifies it into a maniacal hatred. He is a master of human psychology; this is vividly illustrated in his attempt to recruit the Scarlet Witch. With his powers, Professor Xavier was able to subdue Wanda, using psychological weaknesses from her father issues to her own concern about being a powerful mutant. The Skull is always able to find minions whom he can convert to his cause and who are willing to sacrifice their humanity to serve him. They are just tools to help accomplish his goals, to be disposed of once used.

At the same time, Remender gives us examples of good. The first is when Xavier takes a stand against the other X-Men when he first accepted Rogue into the X-Men. This was a pivotal moment in the young woman’s life, saving her from a fall into the darkness. Rogue has been a warrior who has turned battles in the favor of the X-Men. Another is the Uncanny X-Men helping clean up the site that Avalanche destroyed. That’s good people when they party with you all night long and help you clean up the mess afterward.

Another thing that I like about Remender is he does not forget the characters’ past; he builds on them. Remender gives everybody their moment in the story; no one character is more important to the story than the other. Thor is nothing but hero. He could be chilling in Asgard, but he’s on Earth taking up the mutant cause with Cap [Captain America, of course – Ed.]. He is giving the Scarlet Witch more of an edge and a sense that she is superior to others. The Skull has the power of Charles Xavier. He was hell before; now what kind of mischief will our little red goblin get into?

The art is “wow” at every turn. Every panel is a masterpiece of sequential art. Sometimes, I get the feeling that the dialogue is interfering with my enjoyment of good art. Can we get Thor a spa day or a godly makeover; the dude is looking rough in his work clothes. What ever happened to godly raiment?

I rate Uncanny Avengers 002 Recommend it to a Friend. Highest ranking on the Al-O-Meter

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