Thursday, December 27, 2012

Albert Avilla Reviews: Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13
DC Comics

Reviewed by Albert Avilla

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Art: Timothy Green II
Cover: Kenneth Rocafort and Blond

First, the cover has nothing to do with the story, unless I completely missed the boat, but damn, that is a nice cover.

The Tamaran War with the Blight comes to a smashing conclusion. The story focuses on the heroic efforts of Starfire to defeat the Blight. Arsenal is telling the story which gives an insight into the characters. Starfire does not disappoint on any level. She is a true hero willing to sacrifice for the greater good, fight with a warrior's heart, and love abundantly. She is what Red Hood and Arsenal need in their struggle with their baser sides. The team's powerhouse is also one of the most beautiful characters in comics. What more can we ask for?

Lobdell lets her go all out on the Blight which he does not do very often; the power she wields is awesome to behold. When we think that Starfire is going to wreck another level and violence on the Blight Lord, she instead kills him with love. With Lobdell it’s not all about the main characters; he allows peripheral characters to contribute to the story. The plotline involving the Dominator DePalo is another opportunity for Lobdell to develop Starfire's character. Lobdell makes us care about a member of one of the vilest races in the DC Universe. That's the way to end a story arc with hard hitting action and a little foreshadowing.

The art is a visual delight. It carries its share of the story load. Blackfire's battlesuit is slamming. The scene when DePalo is remembering Starfire leaving to come to Earth is effective. The colors are muted in contrast to the bright colors in the rest of the story, giving the feel of a memory.

I rate Red Hood and the Outlaws 13 Buy Your Own Copy. #2 (of 5) on the Al-O-Meter Ranking

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