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I Reads You Review: THE MULTIVERSITY #1


WRITER: Grant Morrison
PENCILS: Ivan Reis
INKS: Joe Prado
COLORS: Nei Ruffino
LETTERS: Todd Klein
COVER: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado with Nei Ruffino
VARIANT COVERS: Chris Burnham with Nathan Fairbairn (after Joe Shuster); Bryan Hitch with Alex Sinclair; Grant Morrison
48pp, Color, $4.99 U.S. (October 2014)

Rated “T” for “Teen”

“House of Heroes”

The Multiversity is the latest comic book event series from DC Comics.  It is also a long-awaited event series, as this project was first announced several years ago.  The Multiversity is a limited series consisting of interrelated one-shot comic books set in the “DC Multiverse.”  Specifically, this is the Multiverse as it exists after The New 52, the re-launch of the DC Comics Universe that occurred in 2011.

If I understand correctly, the series will be comprised of eight comics.  Grant Morrison will write all eight, but each comic book will be drawn by a different artist.  The first issue, The Multiversity #1, is written by Morrison, drawn by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, colored by Nei Ruffino, and lettered by the great Todd Klein.

The Multiversity #1 (“Hall of Heroes”) opens in a college dorm room, where a young African-American man is trying to understand what may be a haunted comic book.  The story moves to Earth-7, where Nix Uotan, the Superjudge and last of the Multiversal Monitors, saves a superhero, Thunderer, from certain doom at the hands of five demonic invaders:  Dame Merciless, Hellmachine, Lord Broken, Demogorounn, and Intellectron.

Meanwhile, Superman of Earth-23 finds himself spirited away to the Monitor Watchstation, also known as Valla-hal the “House of Heroes.”  Here, the greatest heroes of Fifty-Two worlds have been summoned to protect the Multiverse.  None of them have any idea of what they face.

If I had to guess (and I have to since I'm trying to communicate with you, dear readers, through this review), I would guess that The Multiversity is influenced by DC Comics' now-legendary comic book crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.  I think the JLA/JSA crossover events that occurred in the original Justice League of America comic book series, every year from 1963 to 1985, also inspires The Multiversity.  In fact, I have read a few of those annual crossover stories, and The Multiversity #1, in terms of storytelling and in Ivan Reis' art, reminds me of them.

Basically,  The Multiversity #1 is old-school DC Comics (pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths) mixed with Grant Morrison's penchant for weirdness and mythology, and his... taste... for Alan Moore and Michael Moorcock.  It's a fun read.  I don't know if this event is meant to be world(s)-shattering, but it sure doesn't seem like it.  It's more goofy fun than anything else.

I won't lie to you.  This is far from a great comic book, but it is, for the most part, good.  You know, there are enough Black and African-American superheroes in The Multiversity #1 to make a Tarzan movie or at least, a Milestone Media comic book, so I can't help but like it.  I am going to follow this series in its entirety because of this first issue, although I had planned on not reading past the first issue.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux

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