Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celebrity Zombie Killers Arrives in March

Press release from Invisible Hand/APE Entertainment:

CELEBRITY ZOMBIE KILLERS (CZK) – March 31st 2010 (DCD Item # JAN100715)

The clueless young celebrities that rule Hollywood have a new adversary in town—ravenous cannibal zombies!!! Can our self-absorbed, dumbass celebutants dig down deep enough to emerge as heroes or will the zombies win out?!?! Acclaimed Film & TV writer Rick Copp (TV’s TEEN TITANS and THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE) has created a twisted and hilarious mash-up of genres that will have readers scared and laughing at the same time. This is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for today’s young adults.

A mysterious virus has turned everyone in Los Angeles into ravenous zombies, except one group of young celebrities who barely stop partying long enough to notice. Baby Love, a washed-up pop princess and Julio, a disgruntled bodyguard to nefarious playboy Leather Bear, must join together to lead a motley group of celebutants to safety. Not only will this hot twosome battle the undead, but they’ll also battle their feelings for each other.

You might think celebutants are brainless, but the brain loving zombies in Celebrity Zombie Killers don’t! Rounding out the team are reality show frenemies Petite and Paprika, twin phenoms Merlot and Chablis, R & B crooner, Jivin’ and tween mega star Gavin. Can our glamorous rich and famous crew get it together or will the zombies win out? Everyone knows Hollywood’s a dog-eat-dog town, but this ridiculous.

Fanboy fave, artist Sanford Green (WONDER GIRL, MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDERMAN), brings these hip contemporary characters to life with his fluid style. [END]

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