Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deadwind Sea, Novel Due from Josh Wagner

Press release from Josh Wagner:

Josh Wagner, creator of the award-winning mini-series Fiction Clemens published by Ape Entertainment, and writer of the current Image Comics series Sky Pirates of Neo Terra will be releasing his second novel, Deadwind Sea, in January of 2010. The book’s cover is painted by comic-artist, Joiton (of Fiction Clemens), and designed by comic-designer, Tim Daniel (Powers, Existence 2.0).

Deadwind Sea synopsis:

Before America became the "Land of the Free", it was the Land of the Dead—the realm beyond the setting sun, to which expired spirits made their lonely way. Deadwind Sea is a collection of interwoven short-story myths, some deeply moving, others hilarious and bizarre, centering around one unfortunate shepherd's journey across the Ocean Sea to rescue his true love from death.

Sergio, a young shepherd of medieval Spain, has a knack for mucking things up. To the shock of his fellow villagers, Sergio manages to win the heart of the most beautiful girl in town. When his love unexpectedly dies, Sergio undertakes a voyage to the Land of the Dead on a quest to bring her home.

The story begins in 14th century Spain, making stops in Rome, Byzantium, and the North Pole before following the setting sun into the timeless Land of the Dead. Here, on the untouched continent that history would later call "America", spirits prepare a New World for the imminent arrival of the living. Sergio finds himself at the heart of a drama to liberate the new frontiers from stagnation, a drama that takes him at last far beyond the edge of the earth.

The sub-stories of Deadwind Sea interact with the overarching narrative in richly innovative ways, pushing the boundaries of the very art of storytelling. Highly accessible, yet starkly intelligent, Deadwind Sea maintains an air of whimsy and imagination, while packing one heck of an emotional punch.

You can find out more about the book (and download sample chapters) here:

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