Monday, January 25, 2010

Moonstone Books Adapts Classic Spider Story to Comics

From Moonstone Books:

The SPIDER: The Iron Man War #1 (of 3)

Story: Norvell W. Page, Howard Hopkins
Art: J. Anthony Kosar
32pgs, b/w, $3.99


Read the story that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster used for the 1940 SUPERMAN Sunday comic strip adventure “Bandit Robots of Metropolis” and Stan Lee/Larry Lieber used for the 1963 story in TALES OF SUSPENSE #39!!

THE SPIDER: THE IRON MAN WAR Part 1: WHEN BULLETS FAIL: THE SPIDER—cloaked, fanged nightmare in black—delivers swift justice with a pair of .45 automatics. Midnight shadows cast doom over exclusive Sutton Place—under attack by new evil in terror warfare—a sinister criminal mastermind in power armor named The Iron Man!

First of a three-part Wide-Vision comic book mini-series based on the novel published in the Dec. 1939 issue of THE SPIDER magazine.

**RETAILER INCENTIVE: for every 5 copies purchased, you receive one virgin cover variant FREE !

**RETAILER INCENTIVE: any retailer who orders 5 copies of The Spider: The Iron Man War #1 and one copy of the relist of Spider: Judgement Knight…gets the aforementioned single copy of the virgin cover variant and one free copy of The Spider: The Chaos Maker! [END]

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