Friday, January 15, 2010

Moonstone Books Announces "The Phantom: Unmasked"

From Moonstone Books:

The Phantom: Unmasked #1 (of 2)

Story: Martin Powell
Art: Hannibal King
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Covers: Franchesco, Jahbulani Ori
32pgs, color, $3.99

A dying billionaire induces a brilliant investigator to bring back proof of Life after Death, worth a million dollar reward. She encounters rumors of the legendary Ghost Who Walks, perilously pursuing his secrets into the Deep Woods. Little does she realize that her billionaire benefactor is playing them both, with a sinister agenda, and a vicious vendetta, against the Man Who Cannot Die!

(Franchesco cover=75%, Ori=25%)
*RETAILER INCENTIVE: any order of 4 or more, & receive one free copy. [END]

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