Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moonstone Books Announces The Phantom Unmasked #2

From Moonstone Books:

The Phantom: Unmasked #2 (of 2)

Story: Martin Powell
Art: Hannibal King
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Covers: Franchesco, Howard Simpson
32pgs, color, $3.99

Investigator Laughton Brice, brilliant as she is icily beautiful, traces the true origins of The Phantom into the Deep Woods, ultimately meeting the Ghost Who Walks face to face. In a deadly cat-and-mouse game of deceitful double-crosses and unexpected alliance, the Man Who Cannot Die finally faces his most evil and ancient adversary.

(Franchesco cover=90%, Simpson=10%)

*RETAILER INCENTIVE: any order of 4 or more, & receive one free “close up” variant copy!

**RETAILER INCENTIVE: retailers who order 5 copies or more, can order unlimited amounts of variant cover-$3.99 retail price. [END]

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